New! Mac Online Casinos For Canadians

It's been a battle that's raged between computer users for years - PC or Mac? If you're a Canadian online casino player, the answer's always been an easy one - PC all the way. That's because for years online casinos have been the sole province of PC users. If you had Windows, you had an entry into any and every Canadian online casino of your choice. If you had Apple, you could only look on from the sidelines as the jackpots went rolling into other people's casino accounts.

Today, however, the landscape of online gaming looks a lot different. The online casino industry has finally taken notice of a neglected market sector, and technology has lent the helping hand that was needed - which is why now, whether you're a PC lover or a die-hard Mac enthusiast, you'll have the same shot at playing and winning on your favorite online casino games! To get started, just boot up your Mac, visit one of our recommended online casinos and look forward to a world of winning excitement!

Apple Macs and online casinos

It used to be one of the hard and fast rules of online casino gaming. If you had an Apple Mac computer, you couldn't play online, and that was that. PCs were the more accessible, household computers, while Macs were the fancier, more design-oriented computers. PCs were for games, Macs were for work, and serious work at that. Jump ahead a few years, however, and today Macs and PCs are interchangeable as home computers. Everything you can do on a PC you can do on a Mac, and vice versa - choosing between models is simply a question of personal taste.

This surge in Canadian Macintosh popularity eventually led casino software operators to notice a golden opportunity - the chance to introduce Mac owners to the high-energy environment of online casinos. Yes, the online casino platform was still incompatible with the Mac operating system, but there was an ingenious way around that - the instant play/no-download option, or Flash online casino! That's right, thanks to a little inspired thought and a lot of hard work, today Mac online casinos are finally a part of the gaming world - and are every bit as popular as their PC counterparts. These days it doesn't matter where you play, it only matters that you can play, and enjoy every moment of it as well!

Playing at Mac online casinos

So how exactly does playing at a Mac online casino work? Well first and foremost one of the benefits is immediate - there's no software download needed thanks to the nature of an instant play online casino. Just open up the casino, click on a game and you'll be able to play in seconds. Play for free if you want to get used to it first, or play for real with actual Canadian dollars, and win for real too! Playing for real also means you'll qualify for a new player welcome bonus (just like PC users do), and since these are usually very generous, you'll want to claim all the bonus money you can!

While instant play casinos may not have as many games as you might be used to with the regular online casino software (such as a smaller slots selection, for example), you'll still find all the classic favorites that make online gaming so exciting, and all the giant jackpots that make winning so thrilling. What's more, you'll also have access to a trusted range of Canadian-friendly online banking options, and customer support as well. All of which goes to show, that whether you're playing on a Mac or a PC, you'll still enjoy the same world-class features and benefits, with adrenalin-packed gaming to match.

So if you and your Mac have been keeping away from Canadian online casinos, it's time to step into the light and enjoy online gaming for all it's worth! Get started right now with our selection of recommended Mac online casinos and discover just how exciting clicking that bet button can be!

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