PayPal Online Casinos For Canadians - What You Need To Know

When it comes to making online purchases, it's difficult to know which payment processors you can trust. That's why when you hear of a reputable online banking option that millions rely on, you put your faith in its reputation, and entrust your Canadian dollars to it as well. If it's known for being safe, simple, and stress-free, that's good enough for you, and that's good enough for your online transactions too.

For many online customers, that option is PayPal - the online purchasing mechanism that's become a global phenomenon. Owned by eBay and popular both with Canadians and international customers the world over, PayPal is the number one choice for internet purchases and money transfers. But while PayPal's top quality service has made it popular amongst online customers, there's one market that it doesn't cater to - and that's online casino players. Yes, if you're a Canadian online casino player with a PayPal account, you'll have to make other deposit and withdrawal arrangements - like those found at any of the recommended online casinos our experts have reviewed here for you. The sooner you sign up with one of our alternatives to PayPal online casinos, the sooner you'll be able to deposit money into your casino account and get playing and winning!

PayPal round the world

It's common knowledge - if you want to pay for a purchase online, or transfer money internationally, you turn to PayPal, one of the internet's top payment processors for the USA, UK and Europe. However, that convenience and ease of use doesn't extend to online casino payments - thanks to PayPal's financial transaction policy in Canada. What that means is that if you're a PayPal account holder, you'll have to turn to another payment mechanism to take care of your online casino transactions. It's a pity, as PayPal's reputation for low fees, almost instant processing times and quality customer service make it perfectly suited to online casino deposits and withdrawals - but then so are many other online purchase options.

That's right - while you may not be able to use PayPal to fund your online casino account, there are still a wide range of methods for you to choose from, each one just as convenient and hassle-free, and just as capable of looking after you and your money safely and securely.

Alternatives to PayPal online casinos

So if you have a PayPal account and want to bank at a Canadian online casino, what are your options? Let's take a look:

Credit card online casinos - MasterCard or Visa, these online casinos will accept both, and provide you with top-level security at the same time.

Debit card online casinos - enjoy maximum convenience and safety protocols as well at these stress-free online casinos, using your existing debit card.

E-wallet online casinos - NETeller or Skrill, the choice is yours. But whichever one you pick, you'll enjoy quick and easy processing, and premium security at all times.

Pre-paid card online casinos - Just like cash only safer! Bank with Ukash and bank on safety, speed and simplicity with every deposit.

That should give you more than enough choices for now - and if you ever need more alternatives to PayPal online casinos, keep checking back regularly for more updates. In the meantime though, choose from one of the world-class options available and enjoy stress-free online transactions and top quality online entertainment!

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