Live Dealer Roulette - A New Spin On An Old Game

There's something special about the game of Roulette. It's not just a wheel, some colours, a ball and a table. It's a sense of occasion, of glamour, and of old-world casino sophistication. It's suits for men and ball gowns for women and chandeliers and champagne and breathless anticipation as the ball bounces its merry way around the wheel, searching for a home that could mean glory and riches for you. It's a game that's as beloved online as it is in the real world, and it's one that casino enthusiasts will never tire of. It's also one that's found a new way to spread its unique gaming ambience to millions of players round the globe - through the innovation of live dealer online casino Roulette!

That's right - if you're a Roulette fan, you'll be an even bigger die-hard once you take a spin on the live dealer tables. That's because this is Roulette dressed up as you've never seen it before - manned by a live, responsive croupier, but available to you through the window of your computer screen, anywhere and anytime you like! It's the glitz of real-life Roulette mixed with the convenience of online Roulette, and it's a game that has to be experienced to be believed! Take us up on our free invitation to you today - find a live dealer Roulette casino that has the seal of approval, step up to the table and find out for yourself just how fast-paced and fabulous the game of Roulette can be!

The live dealer version of online casino Roulette

If you're familiar with the concept of live dealer online casino games then you'll know just how exciting they can be. A real life, responsive croupier, dealing and overseeing your Roulette game from every angle. Opponents from around the world, playing against you for the chance to win big. And an innovative chat box, allowing you to communicate with everyone at the table, and fully immerse yourself in the genuine online casino experience. And of course, a web cam, streaming video and a live feed beaming all the action straight to your computer screen, ready for you to watch and connect with anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Put all those elements together and it's not your standard game of Roulette anymore - it's one that's completely transformed, completely absorbing and completely engaging in every way. Roulette was one of the first games to be added to the live dealer suite of online games, and it's easy to see why - because no matter whether it's real life, online, mobile or live dealer, it's guaranteed to surprise, delight and keep players coming back for more!

Playing live dealer online casino Roulette

Apart from the addition of a live croupier and opponents, live dealer online Roulette is no different from its standard online counterpart (although you may notice that the game is a little slower in the live dealer version, due to the croupier spinning it rather than a computer). There are the same inside (numbers) and outside (probabilities) bets, the same payouts and the same rules. What's more, there are the same types of Roulette for you to choose from as well, including European, French and American. So even though the environment of live dealer Roulette may seem new to you, the playing and the winning is still exactly the same - as captivating and as thrilling as ever!

Want to get that wheel spinning in your favor? Then live dealer Roulette is the only way for you to go. Put a fresh twist on a well-loved classic with this modern online update, and start your journey to riches at one of our recommended Roulette online casinos today!

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