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It's difficult to think of an industry that has grown at the same rate as online gambling has in recent years. Of course, you need to watch out for rogue casinos out there but you'll be pleased to learn that there aren't as many of them out there as some people think.

Even so, using a top payment option is one way to ensure that you stay as safe as possible when playing for cash on the web. Unfortunately, while it isn't accepted at every online casino, all of the best gambling sites that welcome Canadian players are starting to warm up to the idea of accepting Interac.

  • Find safe and secure Interac Canadian online casinos where you can play
  • Make sure that you're using a payment method that you can trust
  • Learn more about Interac and the range of payment options available

On the market since 1984, Interac is hardly a new player in the financial space but it's definitely one of the most attractive options around for Canadian players. In fact, its longstanding heritage is a big factor in why we recommend it – a business doesn't stay active for more than 30 years without knowing a little something about how to treat its customers!

How It All Works

“One of the best things about Interac is that it allows players in Canada to send money in a number of different ways.”

As we've already mentioned above, it's possible to use Interac at a Canadian online casino in a couple of different ways. However, Interac is probably most commonly associated with e-Transfers.

An e-Transfer usually costs just a dollar or two to process, and can be used to send anywhere between a few CAD and several hundred to stores or online gambling sites. Payments are processed more or less immediately, so you can get straight back to playing for real cash!

Before you can log in and make a Canadian online casino Interac payment, you'll need to make sure that the site you're playing with accepts Interac by checking their list of supported banking options. If they do, then all you'll need to do to get started is enter a few details to make your first deposit using Interac.

If your favourite site doesn't accept this deposit option, just check out the list of venues below to find a new Interac Canadian online casino to try.

You could use your Interac debit card to make a deposit at an online casino but you could also, if the casino you're playing with accepts it, deposit some cash using Interac e-Transfer.

We're all about convenience and ensuring that players have as many options on the table as possible, and that's why we think that Interac really is a great choice for Canadians who are looking to get a taste of gambling for real money.

Looking at Interac

When you're playing in Canadian online casinos, Interac is always a good choice for a number of different reasons. First off, there's the fact that it keeps your credit card/banking information safe. This means that the risk of your payment details falling into the hands of hackers or criminals is significantly reduced.

There's also Interac's speed to take into consideration – when it's being used as a digital payment method, the rate at which Interac online casino payments are processed really does take quite some beating.

Finally, because Interac is aimed specifically at Canadian players, it's more likely than not that any gambling sites that accept this payment method are making a statement by doing so: they are effectively saying that they appreciate players from Canada, and may well do other things to make playing there easier for them such as supporting deposits and withdrawals in CAD or offering a dedicated support line for those in Canada.

In short, Interac is one of the quickest and best ways to make deposits and withdrawals at an online gambling site – it's no surprise that this payment method has been rapidly gaining popularity for a number of years now.

Find Interac Canadian Online Casinos

Because Interac isn't as widely accepted at online gambling sites as say, Skrill or PayPal (two payment methods that are extremely popular depending on where in the world you're located), you could be in for a lengthy search if you try to find an Interac Canadian online casino site on your own.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of that by simply clicking any of the links on this page. We've done the hard work for you, sniffing out the safest Interac casino sites with great bonuses, lots of games and friendly customer support teams.

You'll be sure to have a great time playing at any one of these sites, so all you need to do is pick one, sign up, make your first deposit (not forgetting to claim your bonus, of course) and start enjoying yourself!

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