Ukash - The Latest Online Casino Banking Trend

Cash is king, as the saying goes - and that's true almost everywhere. Everywhere except the internet that is. When it comes to making online purchases, particularly at Canadian online casinos, there seem to be only two options available - cards or e-wallets. If you want to make a deposit into your online casino account, and have it approved timeously, you have to do so via credit or debit card, or open an e-wallet account with a provider like NETeller or Skrill. You can't enjoy the convenience of cash, and you can't simply pull some money out of your wallet and take care of the transaction in seconds.

Or can't you? While it's true that paying with actual cash over the internet is an innovation still in the making, there are ways and means of enjoying the same benefits as paying with cash - and one of those ways is through Ukash. A pre-paid card that works just like money, Ukash makes online casino deposits quick, easy and safe, and keeps you from having to pull out a card, or register with an e-wallet. Want to see for yourself just how simple it is? Sign up with one of our recommended pre-paid online casinos today, and find out just why Ukash is king!

Paying your way with Ukash

While paying at an online casino with a card or an e-wallet is a safe way to go, occasionally these options simply aren't viable. Perhaps you don't have a credit or debit card, or you can't afford the sometimes pricey fees that are charged for using them at online casinos. Maybe you don't have a bank account, and wouldn't be able to fund an e-wallet even if you registered for one. These are just some of the reasons why Ukash exists - as a way of providing a cash-like online purchasing method that works for you in almost any circumstance.

So exactly how does Ukash work? In a very simple, straightforward way:

  1. Essentially, Ukash is a type of voucher that you can use to pay with online.
  2. To purchase a pre-paid Ukash voucher, you can either buy one online, or in-store from an approved Ukash retailer (visit for more info).
  3. Once you've paid for your voucher, you'll receive a unique 19-digit PIN that you can use for making online purchases.
  4. Because you've already paid for your voucher by the time you come to use it, it works in the same way as cash, allowing you to make instant purchases with no stresses or hassles.

Once you've got your Ukash voucher and PIN, making a deposit at your online casino is just as simple:

  1. Visit the bank in your casino software.
  2. Choose Ukash as your preferred deposit method.
  3. Enter your 19-digit PIN as well as the amount of money you want to transfer from your Ukash voucher.
  4. Then as soon as your transaction is approved, you'll be able to hit the casino floor with an account full of credits!

And that's all there is to it - quick, easy, and safe too, thanks to the pre-paid nature of the voucher. Your online casino won't have any of your banking details on file, thus there's no security risk for you to worry about. In fact, the only worry you'll have is choosing which Ukash Canadian online casino to play at first. Take your pick from our top-class selection today and enjoy a premier casino experience like no other!

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